Safaris 360 will bring you from the roof of Africa on Kilimanjaro, to an up close and personal experience with the greatest wildlife spectacle on the planet while on safari, to lounging on the beautiful white sand beaches of Zanzibar after your mountain and safari adventure.

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About Us

Climbing • Trekking • Safari • Beach

Trek with the experts who have the experience with the mountain, high summit success and great private services.

Great Bush Safaris, Get to visit the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Tarangire and the great Ngorongoro crater.

Enjoy the greatest beaches in the coast. Get to visit Zanzibar the land full of great and old culture with community life.

Safari 360

About our agency

Safari 360 is a tour company located in Moshi, Tanzania. We are a team of dedicated tour guides and seasoned mountain climbers with a focus on fun-filled adventures.

We specialize in well planned, small-group and custom adventures. We offer trips in the world’s most incredible place in Africa- The Serengeti and beyond. Our Safaris include Hiking up to the rooftop of Africa and includes an exhilarating safari experience around the national game parks. Our trips also include forages into Zanzibar, an enchanted island with a great beach life experience. Safari 360 makes your adventure planning a breeze. We ensure proper permits are obtained and safety precautions taken.

Most trips are packaged into affordable prices that offer a hike- safari – accommodation combination. Some of the questions can be answered by contacting us. We are also represented on

Client Testimonials

"I would Highly Recommend Safari360"

Our Kilimanjaro trekking experience with Safari360 was very good. The equipment (tents, mats, sticks, mobile toilet..) were perfect. We also had a very able mountain guide with his support crew of porters and cook. They took excellent care every step of the way till we successfully made it to Uhuru Peak. The views from the summit are the most amazing, and I will always cherish them. It was so beautiful to finally conquer the highest peak in Africa and we owe it all to Safari360

Sabine Schon,


"The best safari trip ever"

Our overall experience with Safari360 was fantastic. They took time to create the perfect program for viewing the great wildebeest migration, meet other cultures and stay in comfortable lodges for a very reasonable fee, We absolutely loved Tanzania and would hardly change anything because, witnessing the migration in Serengeti is unlike anything we’ve have ever seen. Luckily our guide made sure we experienced it in full. We also had a very fascinating experience with the Hadzabe bushmen who still live in the hunter gathering mode! We were booked at particularly special lodges that were within the parks with excellent service.



"Amazing Safari in Tanzania"

After the initial contact Petro the owner Safari360 was very professional and easy to work with. He advised us on the time, duration and excellent lodges that would suit our budget for the wildebeest migration trip. Moses was the best guide ever, he made our trip unforgettable with his charm and amazing knowledge of Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. His thrilling stories drawn from past experiences kept us captivated in the jeep pulling up when we encountered interesting views of wildlife, scenery or when we requested. He never rushed us letting us take as many photos as we wanted.

Reese Harvey ,


"Unmatched safari adventure in all our travels"

We have enjoyed our 6 day trip through Tanzania as it was flawless from the beginning to the end. We had an amazing guide who had an answer to all our questions, funny and great to be around. He drove us through to North Serengeti in pursuit of the great wildebeest migration where we made unforgettable impressions of the animals dangerous but inevitable crossing of Mara river. In the six days we saw many other animals ranging from elephants, lions, cheetahs, zebras, hippos, giraffes, buffaloes, warthogs, a couple of snakes, lots of birds, noisy hyenas……. Ngorongoro Crater was awesome, so much action packed within the walls of the giant caldera is unforgettable * many wild animals, breathtaking views of landscape.

Hailey Corrigan,