School Hut (4717m) – Uhuru Peak (5895m) – Millennium Camp (3950m)

You will be awakened around 11pm, and after a hot coffee or tea and a small snack, you start with your trek to the summit. The climb is exhausting and requires a lot of will power in the cold of the night. At about sunrise you will reach the crater rim of the Kibo at Gillman’s point. Backed by the rising sun, you will pass Stella Point and reach the Uhuru Peak in just over an hour and a half from now. The great views compensate you for the strenuous ascent, enjoy them! After you have taken a few summit pictures, it will be time for the descent. After a short break at Barafu Camp, you continue your trek to Millennium Camp, where it is time to sleep properly.  Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner